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Client Resources

Client Resources, which includes urine testing and services such as counseling and detoxification, mental health treatment, and electronic reporting, are provided by the New York Northern Probation Office. Individuals either are on probation, on parole, on supervised release after being in prison, or on pretrial supervision while waiting to appear in court can take advantage of these resources.

Urinalysis is an important component of substance abuse treatment. Surprise collection and testing of urine samples gives officers an effective means to detect drug use and determine whether persons under supervision have refrained from using drugs. Testing usually is unscheduled or random. The person being tested has less than 24 hours’ notice that a specimen will be collected.

Client Treatment is ordered either by the U.S. district court or by the U.S. Parole Commission as a condition of releasing these persons to the community. For officers who supervise substance abusers, and mental health issues, treatment provides the means to directly address these individuals’ alcohol or drug abuse and/or to control their behavior. Treatment is key to enforcing the conditions set for their release, ensuring that they choose to obey the law rather than commit crime, and controlling the danger they may pose to the community. In the case of persons under pretrial supervision, treatment also helps the officer reasonably assure that these persons return to court as required rather than fleeing.