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Local Treatment Information

Licensed/certified psychiatrists, psychologists, or masters-level counselors, clinicians, and other professionals in the community provide treatment under an agreement with the United States courts. These treatment providers meet the standards of practice established by their state’s professional regulatory board.

The New York Northern Probation Office does its duty to provide the best treatment available in its local areas. There are treatment providers for:

Substance Abuse Treatment

Mental Health Treatment

Sex Offender Treatment


High Impact Intervention Program (HIIP)

The High Impact Intervention Program (HIIP) is a jail-based substance abuse treatment program available to defendants and offenders in the Northern District of New York. HIIP was initially designed for drug dependent pretrial defendants who, because of their risk in the community, would otherwise be detained throughout their pretrial status. The program eventually became available for offenders on probation and supervised release who were facing revocation because of their continued drug use and/or their failure in community-based treatment. While the criteria to participate in HIIP is not specified, all participants are referred via a judicial order. The program is meant to provide the beginnings of treatment as well as to allow for stabilization so that more effective supervision plans, including suitable housing, and/or further inpatient or outpatient treatment can be arranged.

HIIP provides eligible participants with chemical dependency treatment within the confines of the Jamesville Correctional Facility in Jamesville (Onondaga County), New York. Staff from a local contract treatment vendor provide substance abuse treatment; the U.S. Probation Office funds the cost of treatment; and the U.S. Marshals Service pays for housing at the correctional facility. Participants in HIIP receive 20 days of substance abuse treatment for two hours each day. When feasible, the majority of treatment is delivered in a group setting with other HIIP participants.

Following program completion, pretrial defendants can petition the Court to have their bail status reviewed. Defendants who are subsequently released are placed on pretrial services supervision with a condition that they participate in further treatment as well as comply with other conditions necessary to insure the defendant's risk of flight and danger to the community are reduced. Post-conviction offenders who successfully complete HIIP return to court and are typically placed back on supervision with conditions necessary to protect the community and reduce their risk of recidivism. Conditions usually include continued testing and treatment.

For more information on the HIIP Program, please contact Senior U.S. Probation Officer Liana Snyder at (315) 234-8742 or Senior U.S. Probation Officer Edward Cox at (518) 257-1731.