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Supervision Forms

Form Title: Monthly Report - En Español

The montly supervision report form Spanish/En Español version.

Form Title: Monthly Report

The monthly supervision report English version

Form Title: Travel Request Form

This is the form to be filled out when requesting travel outside the District of New York Northern.

Form Title: Supplemental Supervision Report

This is the supplemental supervision report form for offenders charged with or convicted of sex offenses.

Form Title: Location Monitoring Schedule Change Request

This is form for requesting a change in your set schedule for location monitoring. This MUST be approved by your designated Probation Officer before any such change is made.

Form Title: Self Help Attendance Form

This form is for keeping track of your hours and atendence to self-help events.

Form Title: Job Search Log

This form is for tracking information for offender job searches.

Form Title: Community Service Log

Form for recording community service performed.

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Form Title: Modified Financial Form

A form for disclosing financial information.

Form Title: Monthly Cash Flow Statement

A file for describing your monthly cash inflows and outflows.

Form Title: Amendment to Monthly Cash Flow Statement

A local form for adding additional cash outflows.

Form Title: Pretrial Services Supervision Report