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Employment Resources

As part of their duties, officers keep tabs on the employment-related activities of persons under supervision and make sure they use the resources available to them. Officers verify the jobseeking efforts of these persons. They make sure that the jobs these persons take do not present temptation or opportunity to commit crime and thus pose a threat to other people or the community (such as a convicted embezzler taking a job in a bank). Officers also verify that persons under supervision are working by contacting these individuals at their job sites, reviewing their pay stubs, and keeping in touch with their employers (if the employer is aware of the defendants or offenders supervision status). Officers also look for any warning signs that employment is not going well. Does the person fail to report for work on time or at all? Lose jobs or change jobs frequently? Maintain a lifestyle inconsistent with his or her income? If so, officers step in, investigate, and address any problems.

The New York Northern Probation Office offers some handouts to help assist clients with acquiring work. The handouts are provided to help clients track data when searching for jobs, keep track of personal information, and general interviewing tips. If assistance is needed for writing a resume please visit

Employment Assistance Handouts


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To view additional links to job opportunities please visit our Local Employment Resources page.