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Q: Regarding the indemnification in section H.1, is there a listing of specific insurance coverages or limits relative to the polygraph services? Besides general liability certifications, are insurance certifications for workers comp and disability required?
Q: We were a little confused by the numbers by the different services, 28 on MH Assessment and Report, 2 on Individual Counseling and Group. Was that an error?We were also confused by the 30 minutes for group therapy, since typically these sessions run 90 mi
Q: With regard to the Background Statement, what would satisfy compliance with all federal, state, and local fire, safety, and health codes?
Q: In Section L.1, page 2 of 12, Proposal Submission, there is a Note that states: " The offeror is not required to submit solicitation sections C, D, E, F, G, H, and I as part of its proposal". What does this mean?
Q: In reference to part d. regarding compliance certificates, we have multiple offices, do we need copies of for each office or just our main office?
Q: What is the projected volume? What is the estimated number of clients expected to be referred to the program each month?
Q: If I am a new vendor, am I required to submit monitoring reports?
Q: If the vendor has a site that is not within the catchment area, can that site be used for services?
Q: Staff Qualifications (Attachment C), is there additional information to be included under Duties that is not listed under Title and Project Codes. For example, if under Title someone is listed as a mental health clinician, and under Project Codes?
Q: On Attachment C, there is a column marked “PC”. Can you clarify what that stands for or what information needs to be listed?
Q: How are units defined?
Q: Can the Offeror simply put SEE ATTACHED when responding to the questions posed on Attachment A-D or does the response have to be on the form itself?
Q: Is there a limit on how many times per week a client may be seen?
Q: In addition to my practice address, do I need to include the address for the federal probation office, in case I see a client at that location?
Q: What is project code 7013?
Q: Section J - List of Attachments Do these need to be submitted?
Q: We may not bid on the “pretrial treatment work” on the RFP. Are we allowed to bid on only those services we choose to offer. Should I leave the space for the price blank? Put in N/A?
Q: What is Determination of Responsibility (M.6 Clause 3–70)?
Q: For 8. In compliance with the above, the undersigned agrees, if this offer is accepted within _____________calendar days (365 calendar days unless a different period is inserted by the offeror)... Can you provide some clarification?
Q: Are there any other bidders?
Q: I am a private practitioner. As such, what would satisfy the applicable business and/or operating licenses requirements?
Q: If I utilize a "dropbox" method for files, is that acceptable?
Q: Under Preparation for Offeror's References it states to provide the name and address of each reference, as well as a contact person and phone number. Can you clarify who the contact person would be?
Q: For mental health groups can a provider chose not to offer/start a group when there are less than 3 clients ready/interested in participating in group treatment?
Q: Some clients come to treatment under their private insurance or a public funding source, while others are funded by the US Probation Office. Why are all clients not just funded by another party?